THE WYNWOOD ARTS DISTRICT. A neighborhood herald for being Miami’s creative incubator___ respected across the globe as a central force in the development of today’s thriving post-graffiti, urban art movement___ with over 3M visitors each year___ is being rapidly redeveloped.

Each week, more mural walls fade into distant memories as they make way for high rise buildings, nightlife + shopping destinations___ A once thriving urban art community is at risk of being reappropriated as pretty wallpaper and selfie stations with little room for the artists.

For Miami Art Week 2019, ARTISTS + DOERS who have Helped Build the Wynwood Community, are UNITING to Claim a Stake in it’s FUTURE + Celebrate it’s PAST.

WYNWOOD MURAL FEST will highlight Artists + Independent Culture among cocktail crowded streets during Miami Art Week 2019. Be on the lookout for new murals, art-tech innovations, gallery shows, industry networking events, and special activations from various Collaborators and Sponsors across the art district.

Our GOAL is to

  1. Launch a Basel Week event in the Wynwood Art District that places Artists in the spotlight;
  2. Give Street Artists a platform to be showcased and celebrated [in the streets];
  3. Facilitate collaboration and unity between creatives of different artistic disciplines and diverse geographic locations;
  4. Create a more engaged Wynwood community using signage and technology to educate visitors;
  5. Unite various independent creative activations in Wynwood during Miami Art Week under a common promotional umbrella.