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NEW MURAL Jan 13, 2021

Wynwood Mural Fest Unveils NEW Tribute Mural to Muhammad Ali In Miami ahead of Champion Fighter’s Birthday and MLK Weekend

Wynwood Mural Fest unveils a new, larger than life, tribute mural to the late fighter and activist Muhammad Ali by Artist Hiero Veiga (@HieroVeiga). The 40ft wide x 15ft tall artwork is on view at 426 NW 25TH ST, Miami, FL 33127 in Miami’s Wynwood Art District.

Titled ‘Be your own Champion’, the mural is one of 10 new project sites featuring the work of more than 60 artists painted in connection with Wynwood Mural Fest 2020, during what would have traditionally been Miami Art Basel Week. 

Born January 17, 1942, boxing legend Muhammad Ali had strong ties to Miami.

In the 1960’s, Ali broke through race boundaries and transformed from a brash boxer to an outspoken political and religious activist while training on South Beach at the 5th Street Gym and living in Miami’s Allapattah and Overtown neighborhoods.

Today, Ali remains a role model and source of inspiration to members of marginalized communities.

My introduction to Ali, starts with the town I’m from, Brockton, Massachusetts, known as the City of Champions. As a kid, that fighter spirit is ingrained into you.

As I got older, I started to really understand Muhammad’s plight. The stuff in the ring was amazing, but I think it’s what he did outside the ring that echoes more to me. I’d say Muhammad was a complex man and activist, that just happened to be a well known boxer.

Hiero Veiga

[Photos by Connor Ray @thecolorblnd and David Sepa @davids.visuals courtesy of Wynwood Mural Fest @wynwoodmuralfest]

[Photos by Connor Ray @thecolorblnd and David Sepa @davids.visuals courtesy of Wynwood Mural Fest @wynwoodmuralfest]

The Ali mural is produced by Stephanie Kassoy (Nekto Collective), with support from Glayson LeRoy (Galera Collective); Lead Camera & Editor, Connor Ray (@thecolorblnd); and B-Camera + Drone Pilot, David Sepa (@davids.visuals).

Images of the Ali Mural approved for Editorial use can be downloaded at https://www.brandox.com/wmf-ali-mural

Project video premiers February 2021 on HYPEBEAST

Known for his portraiture and realistic style, Hiero or Hiero Veiga, is an American contemporary graffiti artist of tremendous work. Hailing from Massachusetts, Hiero grew up writing graffiti in the early 2000’s. Not long after, Hiero made the transition from the street into a thriving career as a professional artist. His work has taken him around the world; in the streets and on gallery and private walls. FOLLOW on Instagram @HieroVeiga

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